About us

Markus Ludes, owner of APM Telescopes, headquartered in Europe has teamed up with Andrew Lunt, owner of Lunt Solar Systems/USA to form the company TSE17 LLC (TSE = Total Solar Eclipse and 17=2017). APM and LUNT are official suppliers from NASA and ESA.

For many years both – APM and Lunt Solar – have designed, manufactured and produced cutting edge technologies from the smallest filters to the most complex observatory class systems. For the 2017 USA total solar eclipse we offer exclusive solar binoculars (SUNoculars) and a variety of products for observing this solar event. Prime focus will also include the popular, and universally recognized, solar eclipse glasses.

Our products are CE certified (European Compliance Certification) and meet the safety standards recommended by organizations such as NASA. We will offer unique, non-standard designs of eclipse glasses with full customization and individualization of the product (logo print etc.).

Markus Ludes, owner and manager of APM Telescopes in Germany, is a passionate astronomer and observatories construction engineer with more than 25 years of experience. At Carl Zeiss Jena, he acquired many tricks and techniques for the construction of world class telescopes. During the nineties he secured more and more high profile orders. Markus became the “go-to” provider of high-tech professional lens systems due to his very high level of capabilities (for example: Max Planck Institute on Carlo Alto, lenses for the VLT of ESO Chile).

Andrew Lunt is the owner of Lunt Solar Systems, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. At this location the design, manufacture, testing and shipment of solar telescopes takes place. Andrew has 25 years of optical experience. Lunt is the largest USA manufacturer of Solar Telescopes and Filters, proving optical instrumentation and expertize to major Government Institutions including NASA.

Currently Lunt/Ludes built robotic telescopes in order to observe near earth objects (classification in categories of scrap metal in space) on behalf of ESA. In addition Lunt/Ludes are a supplier to NASA (Atlas-Project).

Our services include:
• Sales astronomical instruments and binoculars all major manufacturers
• creation and development of own optical and mechanical products
• specialist LUNT-solar telescopes, LZOS-Apochromats and binoculars
• Custom
• Purchase & sale of used equipment
• International supply of private customs warehouse